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Creative Mixed Media Artwork by Dawn Farmer

Original Art

Turn your home or office into a private art gallery with original art from Destiny Artistry. I'm Dawn Farmer, and I create mixed media art that includes paintings, murals, and more. Full of texture and color, my work is designed to give you instant satisfaction. Discover original art made for people to enjoy. My prices are quite reasonable and range from $100 to $800.

From Pop Art to Animated Art & More

I love creating uplifting paintings and drawings that bring enjoyment to all who see them. My art specialties are pop, surrealism, and animated. A good deal of my art is displayed in my customers' business premises. They tell me that visitors to their establishments frequently make inquiries about my art because it grabs people's attention.

Mix It Up

Artwork that expresses emotion moves people, and that's the kind of work I create. From murals and self-portraits to character art and whimsical art, I make art that's designed to entertain. I feel that I've succeeded when I see a look of excitement come over the face of someone looking at my work.

Eagle Painting

The Next Step

Lately, I have been creating on a broad scale, engaging with customers in my Fort Washington community. I'm associated with my local arts council, Harmony Hall, and local community centers. I grow as an artist by learning from other artists, and this growth includes improving my overall knowledge about the business of being an artist.

My Inspiration

What continually inspires me to make art is how much I enjoy it. And my reward is creating artwork that the public enjoys as well. My goal is getting my artwork into galleries and exhibitions where it will receive mass exposure. If you see a piece you like on my website, please give me a call. My artwork is ideal for any space, and it also makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one.